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The Cup and The Blade (Book 1 Coming Into Power)

Finding hidden treasure is supposed to be a prosperous event, not life threatening. But when two young lovers find a buried treasure, it sends them on an epic adventure for salvation from a dark, deadly force who wants nothing more than to come back into power in human form. Kensie Wild is only days away from turning eighteen, an event she looks forward to with much anticipation. One evening, Kensie and her boyfriend, Caleb uncover an ancient chest buried in her backyard. Breaking the lock, they discover a chalice, a knife, and a piece of papyrus with a recipe for tea. Opening the box unwittingly released the spirit of an evil Sorcerer locked away by Kensie’s ancestor. Now, he is determined to exact his revenge. As evil takes hold of her mother and settles in Kensie’s mind, she finds herself on a quest to rebury the newfound treasure in sacred ground, accompanied by Caleb, the advice of her grandmother, and the spirit of her ancestor. Three generations of living family descendants must fight against a terrifying enemy who created the first zombies known to mankind. Kensie is forced to stand against him and return the box to the burial grounds from which this evil spawned. Can Kensie vanquish the Sorcerer and fight the zombies who do his bidding and still save her mother? Or will she succumb to the temptation of the Dark One to the world’s utter ruin?

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Hi There; I'm Kerry and I am really excited about this new release. It's a creepy adventure set in the foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I hope you enjoy the description below. I'll be adding more about Kensie Wild's World and information on the fictionally used historical parts and people. Some from back in The Salem Witch Trial Days, 1600's. Take a peek, leave a review, and find out more here soon!

DARKNESS BORN: The Cup and The Blade II

What would you do when faced with an exact replica of yourself, only not you, but a much darker half come to life? You thought it was just a dream, but now this person is staring at you with the glare of death written all over it. Do you know that face? What, then, would you do if the same scenario happened to your best friend and her evil twin is way worse than yours! What do you do when the love of your life is in a car accident and comes back not quite the same? This is the dilemma for Kensie Wild in this whole new adventure. Join along for the ride of a lifetime as Kensie battles against her own enticements, a wicked Obeah, and who knows what else. With Bridget Bishop’s journal and her own ancestral record as her only guides, Kensie is pitted against a foe so dark, she isn’t sure her own light shines brightly enough to fight against the curse the Obeah performed. She must use every ounce of knowledge to save her friends and herself from the power of the Fetches. Only though the Blade can such darkness reflect antimatter and be born.